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A Passion for Charming Events

Tangled Tree Markets was born in 2015 out of a passion for living a life steeped in art, handmade goods and upcycled / salvaged and rustic treasures. Since our inception, we’ve committed ourselves to creating well organized, carefully curated and charming events in Calgary, Bearspaw, Cochrane, and Balzac Alberta.

After closing down at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, we are ready to start over and re-build this market again. Having our biggest show to date cancelled just two days before opening that February was heartbreaking for all. I didn't think I'd be able to return. I am thankful for the opportunity to start anew, rebuild old connections and create brand new ones too! 

Please join us at our next event... dates and times are posted on our home page. The world has changed, but the artisans, collectors, junkers, pickers and up-cyclers have been greatly missed. I can't wait to see the sparkle and creativity that our artisans and treasure hunters will showcase this year and the hustle and bustle that our much loved shoppers always bring! 

Our events are held at charming, rustic community halls in Bearpaw, Cochrane, Balzac and Bowness (NW Calgary). You can expect to find about 500 guests throughout the day at a Saturday market. There's always free coffe on, just bring your own mug (to avoid single use waste). Try out the goodies that our homemade and commercially licensed food vendors bring, grab a bite at our food truck and shop with our talented handmade, upcyle,  and antique / vintage decor vendors! 


Inventors. Creators. Collectors

Tangled Tree Markets is a family run small business in Alberta.  Read on to meet some of our incredible team members!



Market Director, Dreamer and Artist

Hi I'm Kristine, the face behind all things Tangled Tree. I started this market back in 2015 as a part-time passion project to connect artists with those who love art and artisans. Together with the help of my ubercool sister Lisa (below), we've grown the market from a humble 18 table  craft show to an ever growing 100 vendor community of makers, foodies, collectors and up-cyclers.

 An artist / art teacher and an incurable dreamer, I grew up with a love of photography, nature and all things I could get my hands dirty with. From gardening to pottery, from black and white darkroom photography to acrylic painting, I love being a maker.  I am lucky to be part of a very artistic, rural family that also loves antiques. In fact, you could say that Tangled Tree Markets is a culmination of all that we are as a family!


Antique shows, quilt shows, and second hand shops are in our blood! We took yearly trips to Montana to visit our favourite haunts. My father restored antique cars for a living in his home workshop (maybe you've even seen some at Gasoline Alley). Model T Fords and Cadillacs, oil lamps, farmhouse cupboards, handmade quilts and chaps, cream separators and gramophones dot the family home and acreage that we grew up on. My mother is an artisan with multiple talents. Trained as a draftsman she drew Calgary's famous +15 walkways that keep us warm downtown. She is an exceptional seamstress and quilter and is known for collecting a wide range of art and craft supplies to keep us all busy. 

 What can I say, my sister and I have come by it all quite naturally! Read her bio below. 



Designer, Market Day Assistant and Head of Solutions to Whatever Comes Up


With a great eye for pattern, texture and all things shiny, Lisa is an invaluable member of the team on market day. As an avid up-cycler and textile artist you'll be impressed with her one-of-a-kind wool or tie-dye designs and vintage flare. Whatever goes down, or is about to, Lisa is on the spot with a helping hand! You can't miss her on market day, she is known for her amazingly long eye lashes (no fake ones here) and a streak of purple in her hair. A therapist by day, this girl has converted her basement into a wonderland that any textile artist would dream of. If you've been to Tangled Tree events before, Lisa's probably greeted you at the front door, directed you to the washroom or introduced you to a new favourite vendor. She trouble shoots the sound system, helps people find their keys, the nearest gas station, the best soap at the market or a fabulous upcycled scarf to match an outfit. In addition to being witty and always stylish, she is the consummate problem solver and solution finder extraordinaire. 



Front of House, Cool as a Cucumber


Ryan is the new "kid" on our block. If you've been to Tangled Tree events before you may have encountered him holding down the front reception table. He's a strong, silent type with simple 'yup' and 'nope' answers. He never gets in a flap and is a welcome member to this little team. Ryan is a collector of new and vintage pins as well as European and craft brewery bottle caps. He's got a mind for business and is known to frequent farmer's markets and Christmas fairs in search of cool finds. Since he doesn't believe in putting himself out there on the internet and social media (refreshing, right) this "from behind" shot will have to do! 

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